Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Indiabulls Housing Finance Celebrates the Hard Working Indian Home Loan

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. (IBHFL) India’s 3rd largest Housing Finance Company has launched a new advertising campaign which salutes the spirit of the middle class who forms the major segment of their Home Loan customers.

Middle class income group constitute a large part of the Indian population and is hailed as the chief contributor to the Indian economy. It is the major force that drives the economy forward and is also the major customer segment for Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited. The company is well aware of the fact that most important dream of the average Indian is to own a home and therefore is focused on offering a range of home loan schemes at the most affordable rates in India. The loans are available for all types of budget properties and with the speedy and hassle free approval process, IBHFL empowers its customers to avail home loans for up to 30 years.

Hard-Working Indian Home Loans
Indiabulls Home Loans
Most the home loan advertisements appearing on TV and print publications captures the human of emotions of dream and pride associated with owning a home. Also, it speaks about lower EMIs, quick approval process and the benefits of having their own dwelling. The ‘Hard Working Indian’ campaign launched by Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd mainly focuses on reverse the normal perception of the people by celebrating the perseverance of the middle class people and their daily scarifies and struggles for realizing their dream of owning a home. 

While speaking about the campaign, Mr. Gagan Banga, CEO and MD of IBHFL, said - “Our clear focus is the middle class consumer & we have tailored our product offering to suit his specific needs. Also our service policy at Indiabulls places him at the centre, offering services like doorstep delivery, 48 hours sanction, Online Account Access etc. – it was only natural to us that our communication reflects this.”

Bhavesh Kosambia Sr. Creative director at Grey Mumbai added: “It was very clear that Indiabulls Housing Finance wanted to broadbase. The spin that we put on it was to make it a brand that appreciated & acknowledged the hard work of the common man. The Tvc takes that very thought a step ahead & applauds his effort.

The stories celebrate the hard work & sacrifice of the common man because to us these people are heroes” 

This campaign adds a welcoming stance to the brand’s positioning “Ab Ghar aa jao”. It endorses the common man’s faith in what he does to make his dreams come true.

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